Our Take

Genesis are not the biggest out there but their size does afford them to take a few risks; namely to push through bikes that bigger companies might deem too fringe or oddball to ever grace their range. If they enjoy riding it and think there’ll be enough folks out there that will too, then its fair game in their eyes! They’re sticklers for detail, going to the nth degree to try and wring out every last bit of performance whilst keeping things accessible.

Materials snobs they are not, and, depending on what’s best for given bike and intended usage you’ll find carbon, Titanium, steel and Aluminium all used across the range to good effect.

Most of their bikes will have ‘built-in’ practicalities (they’re not one to pigeonhole a bikes usage) that will enable you to use them daily across many different scenarios. Design and technology working in perfect harmony in a thoroughly thought through, practical package.

 Croix de Fer

The Croix de Fer has become the quintessential bike from Genesis. It was the go to gravel bike before gravel was even a thing, and it still performs at the top of its class. We know because we’ve ridden it, and a long way at that.


The ultimate training bike and long distance roadie, the suppleness of steel giving a comfortable ride is something we don’t need to remind you about. Steel is real, and all the naysayers have been put to bed in recent years. 



The Vapour is a long awaited entry into the cyclocross market from Genesis. With their gravel expertise refined from over a decade of working on the Croix de Fer, combined with a number of successful off-road forays such as the Tarn, the Vapour is set to beat all competition.



Revived in 2018, the Fugio offers a fresh perspective on drop bar road plus. Think of it as a step further than the Croix de Fer, capable of handling any terrain you can throw at it, and even equippable with a dropper post.